Sarah & The Dinosaur

Simply put, Sarah & The Dinosaur is a play about a girl, her cancer, and a dinosaur.

This is not your typical cancer play. Sarah & The Dinosaur is an unorthodox, funny, heartbreaking, and honest narrative of one woman and her journey with metastatic ocular melanoma. In Sarah's world, this cancer has come to her in the form of a Dinosaur. It doesn't look like Barney. It follows her everywhere. It feels guilty. It wants to leave, but it is so hungry. Through all of this, Sarah fights her Dinosaur and struggles to make peace with what it means to live with terminal cancer.

Woven into the play are original writings from the real-life Sarah’s blog, [Love X Infinity]2 where she chronicles her life as a "Cancer Princess." This is the story of her sometimes quirky, sometimes poignant, always courageous, soulful fight with cancer.

We would like to thank the Ocular Melanoma Foundation
for their generous support and assistance 
during the fundraising campaign for the premiere production.

If you are interested in the script,
please contact playwright, Ingrid De Sanctis, 

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